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Editorial April 2012

Tackling Obesity

By Professor William Reville, UCC

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Started 7th January 2011

Are university professors overpaid for the work they do?

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Public Lecture Series 2013

In this Lecture Series, a distinguished list of speakers will discuss various aspects of science and technology, many of particular relevance to Ireland today.
Weekly from January through March 2013 on Wednesday evenings in Boole 4 Lecture Theatre at UCC. Lectures start at 8PM, but please come a little earlier.

Science For All 2011

GRAND FINAL – Science for All – Postgraduate Student Public Presentation Competition 2011, Wednesday, 30th March. Winner Announced
Click here for Science For All 'Book of Abstracts'

Films of Recent UCC College of Science, Engineering and Food Science Public Lectures:

Autism; Biochemistry of Health and Mood; Brittle Bones; Cancer; Climate Change; Eugenics and Nazis; Gaia; Health Effects of Ionising Radiation; Mathematics and Economics; Mental Illness; Nuclear Power; Peak Oil; Poisonous Animals; Renewable Energy; Science and Religion (John Polkinghorne).

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This site is designed like a magazine, with an Editorial Page and Letters to the Editor Page. The Editor, William Reville writes the weekly Science Today column in The Irish Times, and many of these columns have been reproduced as articles on this site.

Is Current Climate Change Natural or Man-made?

On 3rd December, 2009, Ian Plimer, Professor of Geology, University of Adelaide debated this issue at UCC with Declan Waugh, a prominent Cork-based environmentalist who strongly supports the majority position.  Professor William Reville, UCC, chaired the debate.  You can view the debate by clicking here.

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